• The 7th Inning Stretch   ( 34 Articles )



    Jamie Zadow brings you the Top 10 of...whatever tickles his fancy in the Fantasy Baseball world. Zadow has been with the Dobber Sports team since September 2013, contributing for DobberProspects and DobberBaseball. Jamie fell in love with the game of baseball when he was just four-years-old, playing catch with his dad in the green belt across the street from their house. He was just seven when he attended his first Blue Jays game, and still has the autograph picture he took beside Woody Williams at the ballpark. Jamie is a big fan of the Oakland A's and hopes to one day see them return to their 1989 World Series form. Jamie has a diploma in Broadcast Journalism from Conestoga College and you can read his weekly column "7th Inning Stretch," where he gives his fantasy baseball insight on the best the game has to offer. Disagree with something he writes?Share your opinion on twitter (@jamiezadow). 



  • Aces High   ( 24 Articles )


    Brian Cloney's twice-monthly article “Aces High” will highlight pitching trends in the roto landscape.







  • AL Angle   ( 120 Articles )


    Brendan Sargent is from Worcester, Massachusetts and currently resides in the Greater Boston area, where he teaches high school English (notice that he will use the word 'whom' correctly before the end of this bio). He is a lifelong Red Sox fan, but he will try not to be too much of a homer in his articles. He has few hobbies outside of fantasy baseball, including but not limited to bar trivia, shotgunning shows on Netflix, and tweeting at celebrities. He'll be keeping an eye on the AL for you this year, giving you insight on who is trending in what direction, and whom to pick up and drop. Follow him @TheSarge_Dobber



  • The Breakdown   ( 117 Articles )



     Christopher Metzger. Bio forthcoming.








  • Cage Match   ( 37 Articles )


    Robert Trevisonno. Profile forthcoming. Follow him on Twitter @Rtrevi27







  • Coming Up Clutch   ( 55 Articles )


    Geoff Bowler is a native New Yorker (with pitstops in Boston and South Carolina) and a lifelong Yankees fan... but a reasonable one. For instance, he has never thrown a beer at a Sox fan. He has also never said "we" when referring to the team, because he was not ever actually on the team. He was not in any way responsible for Bucky Dent's homer back in '78. In '78, he was busy playing with Star Wars figures. ~ A lover of all things baseball, as well as his wife and son, he will do his best to highlight the hot (and sometimes cold) performances of the week, as well as focus on some particularly underrated players. You can follow Geoff on Twitter.



  • Fantasy Firemen   ( 51 Articles )


    Rob Harding is a senior at Fordham University in the Bronx and is originally from Lincroft, New Jersey. Rob is studying public accounting and hopes to land a full time job after interning during the summer months of 2014. He is an avid Brooklyn Nets and New York Giants fan, but the key to his heart is, and always will be, the New York Mets. He also enjoys horse racing and watching Survivor in his spare time. He loves dynasty baseball leagues and will try to keep everyone afloat to all reliever news as it piles in each week. Follow him on Twitter @Harding_Rob.



  • The Forex Market   ( 5 Articles )



    Geoff Tsang is a Music Education Major at the University of Western Ontario who jumped on the Blue Jays Bandwagon as a 1-year old in 1993 and hasn't looked back since.  Geoff writes a bi-weekly piece that will focus on Baseball in the Far-East, a unique edge that will surely help any Fantasy owner.  Follow him on twitter @geoff_t51





  • Mike's Musings   ( 3 Articles )


    Mike Salerno, a native New Yorker and devoted Yankees fans, is one of DobberBaseball's associate editors. Mike graduated from Hofstra University in 2010 with a degree in Journalism and has enjoyed working for numerous large media outlets in his short career, including AOL and ESPN. Currently, he is an App Producer at The Topps Company where he oversees Topps BUNT, a mesmerizing combination of digital card collecting and fantasy sports. Mike enjoys watching the game with a critical eye in an attempt to deliver an original angle on the latest news around the league. Follow him on Twitter to get an insight into what makes him tick.



  • Hicks' Edge   ( 9 Articles )



     Shea Hicks. Bio forthcoming.








  • Playing the Field   ( 86 Articles )


     Jeff Hopkins was born and raised in Hubbards, NS, currently resides in Paradise, NL with his wife, son and daughter. "Hoppy" got into fantasy baseball in '97 during his first year of university at StFX and by the time he completed his engineering degree he had progressed to partaking in all types of fantasy leagues to feed his addiction of fantasy sports.  A long time St. Louis Cardinals fan and the owner of multiple baseball (and other) keeper leagues, he will take a look at which fantasy assets are for real and which cannot be trusted.



  • Poulin No Foolin   ( 47 Articles )


    Fred Poulin

    Associate editor at DobberBaseball. Working as a freelance sports writer and translator, Fred Poulin graduated from Laval University in Quebec City, earning a Bachelor of Translation in 2002. An avid fan of baseball and the defunct Montreal Expos, Vladimir Guerrero remains his childhood idol, even if he can't play defence and run anymore. Fred also speaks fluent French and Spanish.Check out his website, or follow him on Twitter.




  • Roach's Picks of the Week   ( 17 Articles )


    Brian Roach hails from Rockland, Massachusetts. He is an avid baseball fan and decided to get into fantasy baseball to keep tabs on the players that he enjoyed watching on a regular basis. He his also interested in high school sports writing, fantasy football and basketball, movies and a multitude of television shows. In this piece, Brian provides player break downs that should/should not be traded for and who you should target on the waiver wire now and in the future.  




  • The Senior Circuit   ( 98 Articles )


    David Rath was born in Grass Valley, CA, and currently resides in Sacramento. He is a life-long Giants fan but has an affinity for Mark Grace and Ned Yost. He currently plays on an MSBL team and prefers keeper or dynasty fantasy leagues. His bucket list journey of visiting every major league stadium is over 25% complete. Rath will provide a weekly snap shot of the producers and debacles of the National League, from a fantasy standpoint.




  • Fantasy Take on the Latest Movements   ( 62 Articles )

    Mike Salerno and Fred Poulin deliver the immediate fantasy spin on trades and signings as soon as they happen. Check the archives and see how those predictions have panned out.






  • Injury Report   ( 30 Articles )









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    Stuff from guests and other columnists...